Raymer energy efficient air-to-water heat pumps

- in 4 times cheaper than gas heating ;

- payback period 2 of the year;

- the best heating solution 50 м⁇ до 500 м² + conditioning + hot water supply + pool heating.

Raymer heat pumps

high-tech equipment for heating, hot water supply and air conditioning for home or industrial buildings.

This is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly heating methods., as it runs on natural air energy.

Folansi Raymer technology.

Energy-efficient technologies for the population is a significant reduction in utility costs, for the country - saving resources, increasing industrial productivity and competitiveness, for ecology — limiting greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, for energy companies - reducing fuel costs and unreasonable construction costs.

Raymer's main goals are to create a range of technologies, allowing to significantly reduce the consumption of energy resources for heat supply of industrial enterprises and residential buildings.

How is a heat pump more profitable than traditional heating sources?

Heat pump - a profitable and efficient solution

Every year utility bills (heating, hot water and others) continue to grow. Heat pump - the best solution for owners of private houses, cottages or any other objects. It combines three main functions- heating, conditioning, hot water preparation.

The price of conventional sources of heat and energy (gas and solid fuel) constantly growing. Buying a heat pump for heating means refusing expensive utility bills and reducing the monthly expenditure by more than three times. Raymer Company, is a supplier of Folansy Raymer energy efficient equipment and provides a full range of services, related to the sale, installation and maintenance on the territory of Ukraine.

How the innovative heating system works

The main task of such installations is to convert low-potential energy from a renewable natural source (Earth, water, air) into a high-potential one and direct it to heating or cooling the object. The principle of operation of a heat pump is similar to that of a refrigerator., just the opposite. Refrigerants, used in heat pump, certified and approved for use in domestic, as well as in the industrial sector. During heat pump operation, there are no combustion processes in it, which makes it absolutely safe, compared to traditional heating sources.

Varieties of heat pumps

  • Geothermal heat pumps. The source of energy in this case is directly the soil or groundwater., reservoirs. At present, this type of equipment is not profitable., Air-to-water heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular..
  • Air source heat pumps. Air is the source of energy, which allows you to use the free heat of the environment, which is much more efficient than traditional sources (gas, solid top, electro)

Another criterion for classification can be the capacity of the installation.. In this case, domestic and industrial pumps for heating systems are distinguished. The former are more accessible and less powerful, while the latter are designed specifically for large objects.

Why is it profitable to buy a heat pump in Ukraine from Raymer?

Here you can not only purchase equipment and all the necessary components, but also to receive the full range of services related to it:

  • design of heating and air conditioning systems;
  • installation of heat pumps;
  • maintenance and repair;

As you can see, we guide each client from start to finish. In addition to high-quality equipment, you get its qualified service., and this increases the service life and saves your budget.

The price of heat pumps is quite high only at first glance. The payback of these installations with rational and proper use 3-5 heating season. Considering that, that the cost of gas and solid fuels is constantly growing, properly invest in a reliable installation, which will pay for itself and allow you to save money every month. Enjoy all the benefits of working with nature with Raymer heat pumps!