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Company, producing, service and repair of Raymer brand heat pumps began its activities in 2017 G.

The number of objects put into operation is in the hundreds. Geography of installation of heat pumps - all Ukraine.
The main task of the company, naturally, is the best service and meeting the needs of the end user as quickly as possible. Evaluation criterion - the number of reliably operating heat pumps.

Мы доступны всегда и рады общению с клиентами.
Request for repair or service can be left here on the website, using the form below. Reaction to the application, usually, happens no longer, than during the day. If necessary, if the repair is difficult enough, or modernization is voluminous, we have the opportunity to take the heat pump to our workshop and, after repair, install it and start the system.
To ensure the protection of the rights of our clients, we adhere to contractual relationships and keep records of all events with clients.

Our services

Service maintenance

The heat pump is a complex and expensive device.. It includes electrical, electronic, hydraulic and refrigeration equipment, which works continuously and creates the desired level of comfort. That is why service maintenance is a must.. Timely and high-quality service maintenance of heat pumps of the Raymer trademark allows extending the warranty period up to 5 years. Reimer service is always in touch!

Heat pump repair

Qualified specialists of the company know, how to quickly and efficiently respond to challenges, that arise during the operation of complex technical devices. We repair and modernize all European-made heat pumps, and to reduce repair time, we have organized a warehouse of the most popular components.

System Diagnostics

Based on considerable experience, company engineers are able to analyze the state of operation of complex heat supply systems and unambiguously identify shortcomings in their work. Skillfully carried out ingenious diagnostics saves time and money!

Commissioning works

In addition to the creation of heat pumps, geothermal fields, boiler rooms and engineering systems in the premises, the company's specialists with great success connect all these components together and competently carry out a comprehensive commissioning of facilities. Commissioning works, undoubtedly, are works of the highest qualification, and we fulfill them!

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